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We have seen infinite potential in the world's future generations. 

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Articles, poems, essays, or prose, we welcome all text types to be part of the Voices publication. we know many talented youth wants their work to be showcased.  Students deserve a platform to have their opinions spoken and heard, that’s why Voices is here.

At Voices, all opinions are respected and appreciated. There is no bias or judgement, no right or wrong. We want to hear your authentic voice.

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April's theme is Change

We welcome all text types, so there are no limitations to your creativity!

Submission requirements:

  1. Word count: 500-1200 words. Poems can be any length.

  2. Attach one relevant photograph (Copyright free) or original artwork to your submission

  3. Submission must be made in the following form , or as a Google Doc shared to

The texts will be read over by Voices editors, suggestions will be made but it is not obligated for the author to change their work.


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